Wildfire Risk Information

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Skagit Conservation District worked with our partners in 2019 to re-write the county‚Äôs Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  This is a plan that addresses wildfire risk and susceptibility across Skagit County and identifies ways to reduce that risk.  This plan is also part of the County-wide Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update that is currently being finalized.  Click here  to view the updated Skagit County CWPP draft.  This document is currently pending state approval.

Below is the updated wildfire susceptibility map from this document.
Wildfire Susceptibility Map

There are currently 7 active Firewise Communities in Skagit County. See the map below for locations of these Firewise Communities.  For more information on the Firewise Program, visit www.firewise.org
Skagit Firewise Communities
Questions?  Email Jenny Coe at jcoe@whatcomcd.org


Improving Wildfire Resilience - 2019 Report