Wildfire Information

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Wildfire risk is increasing in western Washington due to environmental and human factors:

Increasing air temperature

Decreasing summer rain

Earlier snowmelt

Residential encroachment into forested areas with high wildfire risk

It all adds up to a higher potential for ignition, and drier fuels and forests that are more receptive to ignition and spread of wildfire.


Skagit Conservation District has been working with landowners on wildfire preparedness since 2005. We have the knowledge and resources to help homeowners and communities understand their wildfire risk and feel empowered to take preparedness actions.



Personalized Risk


Questions?  Contact Jenny Coe, SCD’s Community Wildfire Resilience Coordinator at jcoe@whatcomcd.org or 360-526-2381 x106



2020 Skagit CD Wildfire Resilience Report

2019 Skagit CD Wildfire Resilience Report

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