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An Overview of SCD's Small Farm Program


Small Farm Program

The Skagit Conservation District provides free technical assistance to local small farm landowners interested in improving their property and developing and implementing a farm plan.  A farm plan is a series of actions developed to meet the goals of each individual landowner while protecting water quality and the natural resources.

Some of the things considered in a farm plan are farm size, soil type, slope of the land, proximity to streams or bodies of water, and types of livestock or crops.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices are defined as physical, structural or management practices that when used singly or in combination, prevent or reduce site-specific water quality problems.  BMPs generally focus on prevention rather than the treatment of water pollution problems caused by agricultural related practices.

Because of the variability in sources, topography, climate, soils and other environmental factors, no one best management practice will be applicable to all activities or situations.  Instead, BMPs must be tailored to the type of source, the physical conditions and environmental factors.

Cost Share Program

The Skagit Conservation District does have cost share funds available to small farm landowners to offset the cost of implementing some best management practices.  To be eligible for cost share funds, the landowner must obtain a Conservation District approved conservation plan and complete a cost share application.  For more information about cost share funds, please contact Jeff Frazier at the Skagit Conservation District by calling (360) 428-4313 ext.1014 or by e-mail at

Click here for Skagit Conservation District’s cost share policy.


Best Management Practices Fact Sheets

View our fact sheets for information on best practices for managing your small farm.

Best Management Practices Fact Sheeets for Horse Owners

Manure Exchange Program

This is a community resource connecting local farmers who have excess manure on their site with local gardeners/or landscapers who need manure to improve soil in gardens and landscapes. 

It's simple, FREE, and is a great way to recycle valuable nutrients and organic matter. 

For more details on the program, see our Manure Exchange Program Flier.        

Manure Share Cover


If you have manure you would like to give away, please download and fill out the Manure Share Source List Sign-up Sheet. 

You can email the sheet to Small Farm Planner, Jeff Frazier at






We will be regularly updating the list of farmers with available manure as sign-ups come in the door.  Please check back often to see available resources.




FREE temporary fencing for livestock owners!

An easy way to protect water bodies and improve the quality of your pasture. 

Temp Fencing Pic









Horses for Clean Water website.

Manure Spreading Advisory