Firewise & CWPP

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Preparing Your Home & Landscape to Survive Wildfire

Here are some useful links for making your home and property safer from wildfire damage:

Firewise Landscape & Construction Guide

Defensible Space & the Home Ignition Zone: The Basics

How to Have a Firewise Home

Please contact Jenny Coe, Firewise Program Coordinator for a free wildfire risk assessment of your home and property.

Call 360-428-4313 or email



Firewise in Skagit County Video

This video showcases Skagit County's successful Firewise efforts focusing on west side issues and featuring local landowners and program partners.



Wildfire Preparedness in Skagit County

Wildfires are a serious threat across our state, and believe it or not, in our very own county.  How can wildfires occur in our area when “it rains so much, and the trees are too wet to burn?”  The reality is that anywhere there is a heat, oxygen, and fuel source, a fire can and will burn.  Wildfires are a natural part of the environment; they are going to occur.  Wildfires can occur anywhere that conditions such as fire-prone vegetation and patterns of dry and windy weather exist.  Spread throughout Skagit County are areas considered high-risk for wildfire.  These areas are where homes and communities border forested areas of the county, referred to as “wildlands.”

As the population of Skagit County grows and more and more people move out into the forested lands it is important that we properly educate and prepare ourselves to be responsible stewards of our land.  Part of being a good land steward is managing for healthy forest ecosystems that include wildfire as a component.

As we prepare our homes and landscapes to survive a wildfire we are accepting the responsibility for our own safety and being proactive rather than reactive.  This adds value to our homes, saves money and time, and possibly lives and property.  Whether these efforts are individual or community-based, they show a respect for the land, your neighbors, and the community.

There is a multitude of information available on how to improve the wildfire safety of your home and property as well as how to work as a community to achieve these goals.  Please visit our FIREWISE PAGE for more detailed information.


Wildfire Planning

An important component of wildfire prevention is planning ahead.  A team of fire experts in Skagit County have taken a proactive role in planning ahead by developing a county-level Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  This plan identifies and prioritizes wildfire risk and suggests ways to reduce structural ignitability.  For more information on this plan and its process, please visit our CWPP PAGE.