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Skagit Conservation District Board Members (Supervisors)   

Dean Wesen, Chair (Appointed. Expires May 2022)

Dave Malsed, Vice Chair (Elected. Expires May 2021)

Eben Twaddle, Member  (Elected. Expires May 2022)

Jed Holmes, Member  (Elected. Expires May 2020)  Click here for Biography

Margery Hite, Member   (Appointed. Expires May 2020) Click here for Biography

Associate Supervisors, Vacant



Conservation District Board of Supervisor Elections and Appointments

A group of five citizen volunteers serves on each conservation district’s (CD) Board of Supervisors (Board).  The Board provides oversight and direction to the CD staff, sets goals and policies, approves conservation plans and contracts, and certifies conservation plans.  Supervisors spend about 15 hours per month attending meetings and taking care of CD business.  The Board may appoint associate supervisors, who do not have voting authority, to assist with the Board’s work.  As volunteers, supervisors and associate supervisors receive no monetary compensation.


Two of the supervisors are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission, and three are elected in public elections.  Citizens interested in serving on the Board must be registered voters of the state of Washington and reside within the boundaries of the CD.  One of the appointed supervisors and two of the three elected supervisors must be landowners and/or operators of a farm.  The terms of office are for three years.


Per RCW 89.08.190 each CD Board sets the election date to be held in the first quarter of the election year.  The Washington State Conservation Commission (Commission) sets the election procedures, including the public notice procedures, canvasses the returns, and certifies the results of the election.  An Election Officer appointed by the Board over sees the procedures of the election, and independent polling officers are recruited in manning the election polls on the day of the election. 


A candidate who wants his or her name to appear on the election ballot must submit a petition to the CD signed by 25 registered voters from the County he or she is running in by the deadline set by the Commission. Names will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order. 


Per RCW 89-08-160 the Washington State Conservation Commission “shall appoint two supervisors, one of whom shall be a landowner or operator of a farm, who shall be qualified by training and experience to perform the specialized skilled services required of them.”  Citizens interested in serving on the board of supervisors as an appointed supervisor must send a completed application form available on the Commission website in the library to the Commission by the last working day of  March of the election year.


If you have further questions about CD elections, please contact your local CD’s Election Officer (Skagit CD 360-428-4313) or the Commission at 360-407-6200.